Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ok. Suppose now you are here on this page. In this case, you might be looking for answers to clarifying questions about how to download video MP4, MP3 online. So, check out the most commonly asked questions about one of the best video downloaders and their answers.

What is and why you might need it for? now makes it possible to download and save online video, audio and more. It is the most easy and simple way to enjoy watching for later those moments of happiness and memories. and its advantages:

  1. By inserting the address bar, User will get fast and appropriate access to it.
  2. Users can download any desired videos that are available in social media posts instantly.
  3. The videos that are downloaded from social sites are of high quality.
  4. No need for extra programs or lack of time when downloading videos.

A Note to the right holders:

Dear right holders, please keep in mind that does not store any files or links on its server. All your files are stored on the official websites. If you feel that the intellectual property has been violated, please contact the management at official website.

Where are the downloaded videos stored?

Normally, Go to the latest downloading list by pressing Ctrl+J. This also depends on your operating system and browser set, it may open in a different browser tab and find storage of your downloaded videos.

What is the quality of content downloaded by Savenet?

All video content is the same quality as owner’s uploaded. Savenet has not modified the media.

What operating system can I use to download online videos?

All operating systems (iOS, Android, Linux) that also have an installed browser, like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. can be used to download videos. If you want to download large video or audio files, Make sure your device has enough memory. Then need only to copy, paste the URL and press the download button.

Can use multiple videos download with savenet?

Savenet allows only one video download at a time. Our recommendation is to prepare a document where all video links are copied and paste into our online video downloader tool.

Which device can be used to download online videos?

savenet is a best website it can be used on PC, Desktop, Laptop, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone and any other device. SaveNet is a cloud based service it is does not require installation.

What is the quality of the videos I save through savenet video downloader?

All videos downloaded will be saved in the same quality (MP4,  MP3, AVI, MOV, WEBM, etc.), Our video downloader is meant to keep up with the same quality as the original uploaded videos. Quality always matters and we know that!
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